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Advantech offers the ADAM-6100 series of Industrial PROFINET modules. Equipped with the PROFINET protocol, ADAM-6100PN series also allows daisy chain connections, making it possible to transfer data much faster during process control and other industrial automation applications.
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8-Channel Isolated Analog Input PROFINET Module
  1. PROFINET protocol
  2. High common mode voltage 200 VDC
  3. Isolation Protection: 2,500 VDC
  4. 2 x RJ-45 LAN (daisy chain)


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8-Channel Isolated Digital I/O PFOFINET Module
  1. PROFINET protocol
  2. 8-ch digital input and 7-ch digital output (sink)
  3. Normal output current: 0.1 A (per channel)
  4. 2 x RJ-45 LAN (daisy chain)


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