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Advantech is dedicated to the continued improvement of health care quality and safety through the creation of medical grade technology to support uninterrupted, mission-critical healthcare applications. The Advantech iHealthcare Division offers solutions for point-of-care computing, integrated operating rooms, patient engagement, closed-loop medication administration, and mobile medical cart and telehealth applications.

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POC Series


All-in-one medical computer systems designed for critical care and careful diagnosis accuracy and management of life-threatening conditions. Medical computers provide support and dependability needed in a hospital computer system for operating rooms, medical carts, and diagnostic imaging stations. They offer dependability and high quality image accuracy through high contrast ratio, wide viewing angles, DICOM and Gamma calibration presets.



HIT Series


Enrich the patient experience with HIT (health information technology). Bedside terminals enable patients to watch movies and TV, make telephone calls, play games, browse the Internet, send emails, access hospital intranets, or even work if medically allowed. Bedside patients can also use these terminals as nurse call systems to alert hospital staff, adjust bed height, lighting, curtains, and other environmental controls. For medical staff and care providers, such terminals can be used to access electronic patient records, laboratory and test results, monitor patient vital signs, and document treatment observations and change.

  • POC Series
    Bedside Care in Action System Diagram

Medical Display Monitors


Similar to medical computers, medical monitors provide luminance and brightness stability for image accuracy in critical care hospital environments such as operating rooms and intensive care units. Medical monitors are reliable to utilize as information displays for items such as a heart rate monitor to track patient’s vital signs and translating their physiological data into clinical information. They operate as retrieval devices and serve as control panels when integrated with other clinical equipment or mobile medical carts. These medical displays feature wide viewing angle, DICOM and Gamma calibration and gloved operation responsiveness, the IPS display monitor provides healthcare professional with consistent, high quality viewing displays.


AIM-55 Medical Tablet


Light and powerful all-in-one handheld medical tablet redefines the way healthcare professionals operate on a day-to-day basis. Antimicrobial, 4ft drop-tested, and EN60601-1 certification allow for seamless mobility from patient to critical care hospital rooms. Whether administrating medication or patient documentation using EHRs, these medical tablets provide the ease and flexibility to accomplish them from anywhere.


AMiS Medical Cart


Mobile point-of care medical carts designed to move with busy healthcare professionals everywhere they go. They use wireless infrastructure for medical computer systems, mobile devices and specialized applications to increase efficiency for caregivers. Although this medical cart is a great mobile computer cart on wheels, its ergonomic design allows it to be adapted for seating environments with its motorized height adjustability.



POC Series


Stay powered wherever you go with an intelligent power system that utilizes the latest LiFePO4 battery technology (lithium iron phosphate). Medical grade safety protection to prevent against over charge and discharge. The lithium iron medical battery provides a high performance and cost-effective solution for upgrading power on mobile computer carts in healthcare environments.




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