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  • Advantech and Canonical work together to provide deployment-ready IoT devices and services
    Ubuntu is the world’s number one desktop Linux operating system. As it is continue to move into the internet of things (IoT), Ubuntu will be running everything from gateways to robotics, drones, consumer electronics, and more. Following by this prevalence, it is a crucial cooperation between Advantech and Canonical. Here are the 4 reasons why developers should choose Ubuntu Desktop from Advantech.
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      Certified and pre-enabled services to accelerate design-in operation flow
      Advantech conducts over 100 tests that ensure device and Ubuntu compatibility. Ubuntu certification testing provides reliable long-term services. In addition, Advantech’s pre-installation service improves OOBE experiences.
    • 2
      10-years long term after-sales support with the dedicated professional team
      Linux has evolved and Ubuntu has become easier to use . Accordingly, Advantech’s team of professionals develop and study Ubuntu. We also provide 10 years of long-term support (with 5 years ESM paid service) for each version of Ubuntu from Canonical.
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      Backed by both Advantech and Canonical
      The excellent combination of leading embedded IPC company and number one Linux company delivers diverse Ubuntu services to discerning IoT customers.
    • 4
      20+ device are ready to accelerate time to market
      Advantech has developed Ubuntu images for more than 20 ready-for-production and order devices. With our help, there is no need to wait for development!
  • Get to know more about the offering of Ubuntu
    Embedded Linux: make or buy?
    Linux is arguably the best operating system to take advantage of this new generation of computer hardware. Thanks to strong community support, contributions regularly enrich the platform with the latest and greatest software and build tools for any CPU architecture.

    On the one hand, community-maintained build systems like Yocto have abstracted and automated Linux embedding, to the point that any developer can create a distribution. On the other hand, enterprises running embedded Linux in production and at scale oftentimes have requirements that community contributions do not address. A gap which embedded Linux vendors fill by offering expertise and enterprise support.

    Device manufacturers therefore face a dilemma today: whether to roll their own Linux distribution as an internal platform for embedded projects, or whether to use a commercially supported embedded Linux distribution.

    This guide will help you make this decision.
  • Limited Offer
    Purchase any Ubuntu products from Advantech eStore, you can get DeviceOn for free for 1 month and a free selected Ubuntu gift-away.
  • FAQ
    • Canonical’s website states that “You can download, install and receive updates to Ubuntu for free.” Does it mean that I can free to use/modify all of the Ubuntu products and distribute to my customer without any restriction?
      You can use Ubuntu as you are the actual user for personal or enterprise internal use. You cannot modify and redistribute Ubuntu when it is associated with the trademark without Canonical’s permission. When bundling Ubuntu with your product for commercial reselling, it’s not “use” Ubuntu. You are selling “Ubuntu” as part of the product offering. Modification of Ubuntu means adding your own drivers, changing the standard installation process; anything differ from Canonical’smethod of distribution. Ubuntu shall be pre-installed; bundled with any hardware when it is properly certified. Certified hardware went through extensive testing and is properly maintained within Canonical’s lab for 5 to 10 years.
    • I add my own APP into Ubuntu image without modify any of the image. Can I redistribute this Ubuntu to my customer for free?
      Ubuntu is distributed as it is by Canonical. Any changes to the image published by Canonical is a modification to Ubuntu and should seek permission and certification from Canonical.
    • If I redistribute/preload an Ubuntu image without the approval and certify from Canonical, will I get any penalty from Canonical?
      This is not in compliance with our IP policy. Non certified devices can cause long term damage to your operation. And it might cause the device to fail during operation.
    • Does the meaning of “modified version of Ubuntu” include the image of the model to be certified from Canonical?
      Canonical distributes Ubuntu from our web site starting with a standard installer, any changes that differ from this procedure is considered modification.
    • Does the action of “factory pre-load Ubuntu” means a kind of “redistribution”?
      Factory pre-load is definitely modifying Ubuntu and it is redistribution of a modified Ubuntu.
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