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Microsoft Customer License Agreement (CLA) and order Runtime Licenses

The Windows Embedded product line offers the time-to-market advantage and provides top-notch technologies, tools, and resources that can help you integrate and speed up the development of your next-generation devices. You can easily build the device you need in any way you want.

Control costs while meeting service-level expectations

Reduce time on routine tasks to focus on strategic priorities

Protect corporate data and maintain regulatory compliance

Enable users to work anywhere, anytime and share Resources Support

By signing up as an OEM Embedded Partner with Advantech, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Partnering with an authorized Global Distributor of Windows Embedded Licenses
  • Collaboration with a trusted advisor of Microsoft Embedded License offerings
  • A dedicated Microsoft Sales Manager supported by a team of Microsoft experts
  • Technical Support by chat, email or phone
  • Commitment and support for Windows Embedded platform from Microsoft; up to 10-15 years of availability
  • One-stop shop for hardware and software
  • Lower development cost
  • Local inventory

Windows 11 IoT

Delivering new features and functionality that will enable the Windows for IoT ecosystem to build innovative and modern devices.

Windows 10 IoT

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2021 can address today’s challenges that keep devices secure and up-to-date.

Windows Embedded CE

Run your business with ease of development, security and flexibility.

Windows Embedded Standard (WES)

A modular operating system that allows users to make choices about various implementations within their environments.

POS Ready

Optimized for retail point-of-service (POS) devices with secure and reliable POS tools, and highly management tools.

Windows Server

Enterprise-level management, data storage, applications, and communications; focusing on stability, security, networking, and improvements to the file system.

SQL Server

Supports a wide variety of transaction processing, business intelligence and analytics applications in corporate IT environments.

Windows On ARM  

Windows on ARM (WoA) refers to Microsoft’s Windows Operating Systems running on PCs powered by ARM processors.

As an Authorized Distributor for Microsoft

Advantech will assist registering the customers through Microsoft online registration portal. Upon approval, Microsoft will contact you directly with a CLA number. With this number, Advantech could now upgrade your Microsoft status to OEM account. The entire process will take up to 3 business days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any company that builds dedicated appliance solutions.

Generally, additive CALs can access any edition of server software. For example, Exchange Server 2010 and Exchange Server 2013 are available in both a Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. The Exchange Standard CAL and Exchange Enterprise CAL may be used with either edition of the server software.

No, there is no MOQ. Therefore, customers can simply purchase a quantity of 1.

No, there is no cost to sign and no financial commitment or minimum purchase requirement.

The Microsoft Embedded products are all COA sticker licenses only with no media and in some cases no product key depending on PKEA vs EPKEA. OEM’s are responsible to download the media from the Microsoft Software Order Center and build their own custom image.

  Long Term Service Branch Current Branch for Business
OS Update Can be deferred indefinitely Required shortly after release
Security patch 10 year without OS update 1 year without OS update
Feature No inbox apps Support Cortana, Windows Store

Step 1 - Evaluation
  1. Embedded OEM Customer (OEM) contacts ADVANTECH, Microsoft Authorized Embedded Distributor.
  2. OEM obtains evaluation software or purchases a full version toolkit, if needed, from ADVANTECH.
Step 2 – Sign CLA
  1. OEM Customer signs OEM CLA electronically.
Step 3 – Development and Testing
  1. For FES and POSReady products, ADVANTECH provides the OPK (OEM Preinstallation Kits) for installation.
  2. For WES and CE products, OEM completes development of the master embedded image.
Step 4 – Order License
  1. OEM Customer signs OEM CLA electronically.
  2. For FES & Server product, key locates on the COA or on a flyer that comes with the COAs.
  3. For WES & POSReady & CE product, customer apply product key from Microsoft on first order.
Step 5 – Distribution
  1. Customer manufactures and distributes embedded systems with a Certificate of Authenticity and End User License Agreement as specified in the CLA.

No. An OEM Embedded software license can only be purchased from Microsoft authorized distributors. An OEM Embedded software license is prohibited from being resold.

Yes. An OEM will only need to provide CLA number and CLA associated email address to Advantech for verification and then Advantech can complete the transaction and deliver the Microsoft Embedded products.

Win10 Enterprise and Pro are commercial OS. IoT and non-IoT are binary identical, but sold as a different licensing program. Pro has fewer Windows lockdown features then Enterprise edition.

Yes, there is upgrade license for Win10 IoT Enterprise, but the price is no different than regular license. There is no discount for upgrade.

  1. Traditional 1 to 1 activation.
  2. Product key printed on COA.
  1. Request company key from Microsoft.
  2. Company prebuilt in image for mass activation.
  3. Total cost saving solution.

Supported Processor Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Entry Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Value Windows 10 IoT Enterprise High End
  1. Selected Pentium ( N Series, J Series)
  2. Selected Celeron (N Series, J Series, G Series, 3000 Series)
  3. Rest of Atom
  4. VIA: All
    AMD: E1,E2, E-350, A4, A6, G-Series, V10xx-V12xx, Athlon
  1. Rest of Pentium
  2. Rest of Celeron
  3. Selected Atom (C2750, C2730, C2550, C2530,C2350,C3338,S1260, S1240, S1220)
  4. Core i3, Core i5, Core M
Intel: Core i7,Xeon
AMD: Selected FX Models ( FX 7500, FX 9370, FX 9590, FX 7600P ) Ryzen 7
All other non-specified CPUS

  Server + CAL Based Unlimited Access Based
Win Svr Standard  
Win Svr Datacenter  
SQL Server Standard
SQL Server Enterprise  
  1. With Server + CAL licensing model, not only the server need to be licensed, but also the access need to be covered by CAL( Client Access License)
  2. With Unlimited access licensing model, Only the server has to be licensed, and it gives unlimited access to the server.

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