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Digital Signage Solutions

Create engaging indoor and outdoor digital signage displays with HD and 4K media player solutions, commercial displays and touch computers

Digital Signage Solutions

Dynamic digital signs for businesses to display custom content, target customers and invite interaction, altogether transforming the customer experience. Signage can be used anywhere and everywhere - in subway stations, at bus stops, in malls, in restaurants to display menu items and specials, or in retail stores to attract and entertain customers. Expand your reach by bringing information, education, and marketing closer to consumers in a convenient and dynamic way.

Interactive Signage

Touch displays for wayfinding, directories, kiosks and more

Digital Menu Boards

Display menu information, food item photos, pricing and promotions

Outdoor Signage

Bright drive-thru menus, displays, and kiosks for public areas

Waiting Room Signage

Share important business updates, live news, and promotions

Live TV

Stream live news, sporting events, and entertainment channels

Travel Information

Display travel schedules, live weather and important information in airports, train stations and more

Touchscreen Signage

An all-in-one touchscreen system offers a complete signage solution that is easy to implement. It combines the computer’s system components and the computer enclosure into the monitor. Save time and money with a single unit touchscreen digital signage system for a rapid installation.

The slim touchscreen signage series provides a big service in a small space and creates a more efficient and accurate ordering process. This digital signage system can be placed directly on existing countertops or built to fit a custom structure or kiosk component. Ideal for point-of-sale systems, kiosks, wayfinding and more.

Commercial digital signage with a rugged design to withstand constant use and 24/7 operation. Our commercial signage series is ideal for meeting room signage, information terminals, smart lockers, production line human machine interfaces(HMI) and digital signage systems for various environments.

The industrial signage series is built to withstand the most harsh and demanding environments. They come with an anti-corrosion aluminum or stainless steel enclosure and scratch resistant glass and can operate in high heat high humidity environments. Ideal for kitchen display systems, lab equipment HMI, and as an access controls system.

A woman is touching on the digital screen to view the metro informtation in train station.

Digital Signage Players

Customizable media players that can easily be easily integrated with commercial displays and content creation software for indoor and outdoor signage.

  • Configure-to-order solutions
  • Fanless systems
  • Select LTE, WiFi and Bluetooth Modules*
  • Slim and compact designs

Commercial Signage Displays

FHD and 4K commercial displays designed for longevity and contsant operational use. Ideal for menu display boards, promotional signage and video walls.

  • AC + DC power input design
  • Mult-screen stitching
  • 18/ 7 operational hours
  • Power saving capabilities

Video Walls

Create large and eye-catching visuals with video walls. We offer complete digital signage solutions with commercial displays, signage players, content creation software and remote management software. Let us be your one-stop shop for an easy to configure and control video wall display.

  • 10" - 86" large commercial displays
  • Multi-display signage players and video wall controllers
  • Remote management software
  • Content creation software

Remote Management Platform

Advantech's DeviceOn software suite offers free remote management and content creation all in a single unit to support over 500 digital signage systems. Easily schedule updates and review errors in real-time from 1 central location.

Manage over 500 Devices in 1 Centralized Platform

Our digital signage systems come pre-loaded with Advantech’s WISE-PaaS/DeviceOn remote management software. Our remote management software allows users to easily onboard devices, efficiently monitor device health status, and securely send software and firmware updates over-the-air (OTA) on-site and remotely at scale.

  • Zero-Touch on-boarding
  • Real-time alerts
  • Maintenance dashboard
  • Updates over-the-air (OTA)

Create Dynamic Designs

Advantech's SignageCMS server is designed for simplifying network operations, providing cost-effective performance and delivering state-of-the-art content distribution solutions. It includes server system and server license (software only) that offers complete flexibility and control over signage content.

  • Calendar scheduling
  • Supports 30+ media formats
  • System backup and recovery
  • Multi-screen stitching

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