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ADAM I/O Modules

ADAM-5000 I/O Modules include various reliable modules to satisfy different needs, such as communication, Analog I/O, Digital I/O, counter/frequency modules, motion control and storage modules. Includes Relay Type for SPST.
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16-Channel Source Type Isolated Digital Output Module with LED
  1. 16-channel
  2. Optical Isolation: 2500 Vdc
  3. Over Voltage Protection: 70 Vdc
  4. Power Consumption: 0.6 W (max.)


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8-Channel Power Relay Output Module with LED
  1. Supports Modbus/RTU protocol
  2. High Power Relay Output : 250Vac@5A, 30Vdc@5A
  3. 8-channel Relay Output
  4. 8 form A channels
  5. Jumper setting for output status when reset
  6. 8 LED indicators


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4-channel High Speed Counter/Frequency Module
  1. Function Mode: Counter (Up/Down, Bi-direction, Up, A/B Phase) Frequency
  2. Input Frequency: Frequency Mode: 5Hz ~1MHz Counter Mode: 1MHz max.
  3. Minimum Pulse Width: 1μ sec. (Frequency/Counter Mode)
  4. Isolated Voltage: 2500 Vdc
  5. Programmable Digital Noise Filter: 1~65000μ sec.
  6. 4 channels for Counter, 8 channels for Frequency
  7. Counter Aux. Function: Initial preset, hi-low alarm setting, alarm digital output mapping, overflag


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