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Industrial Nodes

The Wzzard IP-67 rated Intelligent Industrial Edge Nodes accommodate virtually any industry-standard external sensors. The Nodes can collect data from up to 3 external sensors from a wide variety of interface options, including general purpose analog inputs, digital inputs/outputs and thermocouples.
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Wzzard Mesh Wireless Sensor - Industrial, Conduit (Gen.2)
  1. Industrial monitor node with 3 analog inputs, 1 digital input, internal temperature
  2. Ultra-low power 802.15.4e SmartMesh IP technology
  3. Communicates with SmartSwarm-342 gateway via highly scalable and reliable wireless mesh networks
  4. Rugged, IP67 rated, fiber reinforced polyester PBT enclosure
  5. MQTT and JSON IoT protocol to application platform
  6. UL, C1/D2 approved for hazardous locations (exceptions apply)


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