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SmartSwarm 341, no Cellular, with accessories
  1. Configurable user business logic data processing & display engine
  2. Comprehensive data outputs via MQTT, email, SMS and a variety of other services and database connections
  3. Integrates data from WZZARD, WISE, ADAM & third party devices
  4. Integrates data from internet feeds
  5. Ethernet connection to IIoT system
  6. Acts as LAN to WAN bridge for third party device connection


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SmartSwarm 351, NAM(AT&T)Cellular
  1. Transparently connects to existing serial Modbus RTU networks
  2. Provides parallel data feed into Enterprise IIoT systems while the existing Modbus network continues to operate
  3. User configurable data enrichment and event triggers
  4. Extensive configuration options for interpretation of Modbus data
  5. Cellular or Ethernet connection to IIoT system
  6. Also acts as LAN to WAN bridge for 3rd party device connections


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