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Signal Conditioning

Advantech’s ADAM-3000 Series, consist of the most cost-efficient, field configurable,isolation-based, signal conditioners on the market. The modules are easily installed and protect against the harmful effects of ground loops, motor noise, and other electrical interferences.
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Isolated Thermocouple Input Module
  1. 1000 VDC, fully isolated
  2. Configurable thermocouple type
  3. Flexible DIN-rail mounting
  4. Linearized thermocouple measurement
  5. Operates from a single +24VDC
  6. Temperature range of 0 to 50°C


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Isolated RTD Input Module
    Isolated RTD Input ModuleIsolated RTD Input ModuleIsolated RTD Input ModuleIsolated RTD Input Module


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Isolated DC I/O Module
  1. 1000 V DC , fully isolated
  2. Wide input/output range
  3. Easy input/output range configuration
  4. Flexible DIN-rail mounting
  5. Low power consumption, 0.85 W (Voltage Output)
  6. Operates from single +24 VDC
  7. Temperature range 0 to 70°C


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Isolated Strain Gauge Input Module
  1. Switch configurable mV or V input of full bridge
  2. Switch configurable voltage and current outputs
  3. 1000 VDC 3-way optical isolation


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