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8-axis EtherCAT Motion Server Module with 16DI/16DO
  1. Max. 5 MHz, 8-axis pulse output
  2. Encoder input is 10 MHz for 4xAB mode, 2.5 MHz for CW/CCW mode
  3. BoardID is switchable
  4. Easily visible LED indicators on board to do diagnosis
  5. Direct wire to servo drive to save terminal board space while installation
  6. Horizontal installation for for servo or stepping motor driver
  7. Suitable for DIN-rail mounting
  8. Programmable interrupt
  9. Memory buffer (10K points) for trajectory planning which is designed in DSP


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2-port 6-Axis EtherCAT Universal PCI Client Card
  1. 650MHz dual-core ARM processor
  2. 2 x EtherCAT ports for high-performance of Motion and I/O applications
  3. Supports common motion SDK for rapid application development
  4. Up to 32 axes support for motion control
  5. Supports a maximum of 6 motion groups and 8 axes per group
  6. Supports on board 8-CH isolated DI and 4-CH isolated DO
  7. Diagnostics for fast error handling can trace command and error message


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