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Digital signage allows bus stations, airports, and other transportation hubs to efficiently communicate with travelers. During emergencies, notify passengers of flight and gate changes instantly. Update delayed bus and train scehdules in real-time and dispatch changes across multiple devices remotely.

Event Center

Advantech's public space and service solutions help public organizations to improve service level by implementing a wide range of intelligent solutions, such as self-services kiosks and instant feedback kiosks. Smart devices allow organizations to collect valuable user data at different locations for future analysis. The cloud-based systems allow users to access services anytime, anywhere.


From self-service kiosks to multi-display video walls, Advantech advances digital signage technology in government space. The highly networked capability allows agencies to mass communicate during emergency situations, promote sponsored content, and update multiple systems at once through remote management tool.

Airport/Station   Convention Center  

Point-of-Check-In System

Customer Survey System

Intelligent POS Systems

Interactive Multimedia Broadcast System

Passenger Self-Service Kiosks


Information/ Wayfinding Kiosk

Customer Visit Management System

Interactive Multimedia Broadcast System

Customer Survey System

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Product Highlights
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