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L’Oréal Reinvigorates Brand Image with Digital Signage

Date: 4/3/2018 5:38:23 AM


The development of new digital signage technology and expansion of signage applications have transformed advertising methods in the retail industry. L’Oreal Group China set complete digitalization, including the expansion of online channels, implementation of digital marketing (i.e., advertisements on websites and social media), and introduction of digital signage digitalization strategy, as its development strategy. L’Oreal previously used traditional poster light boxes to promote its brand image.

However, with light boxes, changing the content of advertisements is extremely time-consuming. L’Oreal has hundreds of sales outlets in various cities throughout China. Manually updating every light box at every sales outlet each time an advertisement is updated would incur significant print, distribution, and logistic costs and hinder efficient management. Consequently, digital signage was adopted in an effort to enhance the operational efficiency of multi-channel communication. L’Oreal began its digital signage deployment project in 2015. Currently, 30 to 40 brand counters, one sales outlet, and the company’s headquarters have all been equipped with digital signage.


Instead of commercial computers and televisions, L’Oreal chose Advantech industrial digital signage solutions for their digital signage deployment. In this project, Advantech and its System Integrator partner Shanghai Unicross worked together to help L’Oreal deploy digital signage network in their headquarters and sales outs. “ Industrial-grade features of Advantech products, such as their fanless design, dust-resistant housing, and low noise operation, are particularly suitable for digital signage applications.” Jian Li, Marketing and Sales Director of Shanghai Unicross commented.

L’Oréal’s digital signage solution features professional digital signage monitors and players, as well as management software for system control. L’Oréal only needs to upload to the centralized management platform developed by Unicross and Advantech. The content is then automatically adjusted to the monitor size, and then distributed using the centralized management platform. Take one of its LANCOME sales outlets for example; four 55-inch displays driven by Advantech DS-570 were used to build a digital signage wall for presenting product advertisements, messages from the spokesperson, and landscape photographs that transform the wall into a picturesque view of bright green grass or a small bridge over a flowing stream.

The provision of several tables and chairs in front of the wall creates a pleasant shopping environment that brings clerks and customers together and offers a positive shopping experience. DS-570 supports four 1080 FHD displays simultaneously and up to 4K multi-media content with an Intel Celeron J1900 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GT730M graphics chip. The compact signage player features with compact fanless design thus lowering maintenance costs and prolonging 24/7 operation. Most important of all, DS-570 is equipped with WebAccess/IMM, an interactive multimedia software which enables L’Oreal to broadcast brand and product content information via web remotely.

Also, L’Oreal used several digital signage displays to decorate an unsightly column at one of its brand counters. The video wall comprised of several signage displays which necessitated the integration of multiple monitors. This not only smartened the counter space, but also enhanced brand image and message. Advantech DS-063, an ultra slim signage player which drives up to two FHD displays and DS-570 are both adopted depending on installation environment and conditions. Measuring a mere 19 mm thick, DS-063 is easily integrated into the counter. The compact fanless system supports simultaneous dual Full-HD 1080P via HDMI and VGA interfaces, delivering a premium visual experience.

Overall, the greatest benefit of implementing digital signage for L’Oreal is the increased ability to attract and hold the attention of customers. Digital signage enables L’Oreal to promote its image as a fresh, energetic, and technologically advanced brand, distinguishing it from other brands. Additionally, and more importantly, with digital signage, the broadcast content can be updated promptly and simultaneously.

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