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Advantech's line of medical computer carts are motorized and fully height adjustable, with a 10-hour battery run time, and 40kg maximum weight capacity. Nurses, physicians, and doctors can easily mobilize the care given to patients and optimize operational workflows with a hospital medication cart. Pair with a medical grade display or medical grade computer for a mobile nurse station, or use stand alone as a medication cart.

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Mobile Medical Cart with Medical Grade Computer, Intel Core i7 Processor
  1. Highly-integrated medical cart for mobile health care solutions
  2. Built with Intel® Core i7 (Sandy Bridge) Processor
  3. Built with 4GB DDR3 Memory
  4. Big wheels to overcome various types of floor surface
  5. Powerful battery for up to 10 hours run time
  6. Battery Management Software Included
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Barebone Mobile Medical Cart with 420W Battery
  1. 40-kg load capacity
  2. Adjustable height (motorized)
  3. Battery runtime 8-10 Hours
  4. CE, FCC Class B, Medical CB

  5. Complete your mobile cart solution with a medical grade computer:
    21.5" All-in-One Medical Grade Computer
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Medical Box with 2 x 4 Medicine Tray, 1 Drawer and Key Lock
  1. Dimension: 33 (L) x 50 (W) x 36 (H) cm
  2. Medicine Tray: 2 x 4, inner space 101 x 213 x 6 mm
  3. Drawer: 1 x 1, 50 (W) x 15 (H) cm
  4. Assembly Way: DIN-Rail mount on cart
  5. Material: Metal
  6. Color: White
  7. Weight: 14.2 kg


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