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Easily connect patients, specialists, and physicians with each other utilizing telemedicine cart solutions. The use of telehealth carts allow for ease of remote patient monitoring, physician video consultations and medical imaging diagnosis.

Real-time Video Consultations-Video telehealth allows for face-to-face communications between patient and provider. A complete telemedicine cart solution helps connect remote physicians or patients in a hard to reach areas.

Physician-to-Physician Consultations- Physician scan gain access to a wider network of specialists with telehealth and telemedicine solutions for video conferencing, imagining diagnosis, remote patient monitoring and more.

Remote Patient Monitoring-Caregivers and facilities with limited physicians and specialist resources have the ability to monitor patients’ health remotely with telemedicine cart solutions.
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Telemedicine Cart on Wheels with Camera and Microphone
  1. Highly integrated all-in-one PC and powered telemedicine cart for telehealth applications
  2. PTZ Camera with 18X total zoom and Full HD 1080p 60fps resolution
  3. 21.5" wide touch screen computer and Intel Core i CPU for high performance
  4. 30kg load capacity with electronic lift for height adjustment
  5. IPX1-rated for superior infection control
  6. 8-10 hours battery life allows medical staff to finish work in a complete shift without recharging


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