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2 Display Intel 7th/6th Gen Core i-Series based Multi-functional Box PC
  1. Embedded Intel® 7th/6th Generation Kaby Lake/Skylake desktop 35W Core™ i7/i5/i3 processors
  2. 4GB DDR4 Memory
  3. Dual Display: DP+HDMI or DP+VGA or HDMI+VGA
  4. Easy/quick installation for expansion parts (Mini PCIe) and RAM and mSATA
  5. Flexibility for mounting: VESA, Wall/Desk


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Store Traffic Analytic Solution with Intel Celeron J1900 fanless PC, Windows 7, and UShop+ EIS Lite
  1. Intel Celeron J1900 Quad-Core 2.00GHz Processor
  2. Features Advanced graphics engine with Intel HD
  3. Features Mini PCIe and M.2 2230/1630 E Key Slot and 1x 2.5" SATA III HDD/SSD,m-SATA storage flexibility
  4. 520 Dual Display of VGA+HDMI
  5. 8GB DDR3 Memory Onboard
  6. Including UShop EIS (UShop Store Edge Intelligent Server) Lite


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Video AI Facial Recognition Edge
  1. CPU-Based analytics based on Deep Learning AI Algorithms
  2. Receive video from multiple video sources, including IP cameras, RTSP streams, NVRs
  3. Facial Recognition service includes: Person-of-Interest (POI) management, Live notification on VIP or blacklisted person arrival, Restful APIs to link with 3rd party systems
  4. Standalone attendance taking system, including Investigation reports and Attendance reports


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