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2.5" Sata SSD

64GB to 2TB | SLC/MLC/ UltraMLC

Designing your application with our industrial SSD will increase overall system stability and security. Built with flash lock, flash vault, and other functions for monitoring and data security.

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16GB to 1TB | SLC/MLC/ UltraMLC

mSATA solid state drive maintains strict compliance with JEDEC MO-300A specifications and is fully suitable for desktop PCs, industrial applications and embedded computing devices.

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16GB to 1TB | SLC/MLC/ UltraMLC

M.2 2242/2260/2280 SSD is the next generation form factor (NGFF) storage solution. It provides outstanding performance and proven reliability for industrial operation.

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1GB to 256 GB | SLC/MLC/UltraMLC

Compact flash memory cards compliant with PCMCIA-ATA standard and are a reliable solid-state flash solution. Designed to replace traditional rotating disk drives, these industrial compact flash cards are available in wide operating temperature for truly rugged environments.

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1GB to 256 GB | SLC/MLC/UltraMLC

CFast cards are a first choice for embedded design and integration for their compact, rugged and stable platform, combined with the speed from its incorporation of Serial ATA technology.

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Industrial Motherboards

Mini ITX Motherboards

Highly integrated Mini-ITX embedded motherboards feature the most popular low wattage processors and I/O. Ideal for fast-emerging markets.

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MicroATX Motherboards

Ideal for space/cost sensitive applications. With similar integration to ATX, the smaller footprint balances performance and expandability.

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ATX motherboards offer the latest multi-core processors, designed using the most rugged components with long lifecycle designs.

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As technology advances, the demands for greater density and better performance with flash memory increase as well. Each NAND flash type has its own advantages and disadvantages; therefore, engineers often encounter difficulty in selecting the right flash type for their application.  

Function SLC MLC UltraMLC
Bit per cell 1 2 1
P/E Cycles 100,000 3,000 30,000
Read Time 25µ 50µ ~42µ
Program Time 200-300µ 600-900µ ~450µ
Erase Time 1.5-2 ms 3 ms 4.5 ms

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Case Studies

SQFlash Enhances Railway Stability with Utility Monitoring

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SQFlash SSD Protects Data from Sudden Power Failures

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SQFlash SSD Protects Data from Sudden Power Failures

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