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Advantech Industrial Flash and Memory Solutions include: storage module, memory module and embedded I/O module. The SQFlash provides highly reliable SSD storage solutions with excellent compatibility, performance and security, whilst the SQRAM provides durable and reliable DRAM memory modules for rugged environments. Have questions, chat with us directly or email us here.


Full Spectrum Form Factors

2.5" Sata SSD

64GB to 2TB

Designing your application with our industrial SSD will increase overall system stability and security. Built with flash lock, flash vault, and other functions for monitoring and data security.

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16GB to 1TB

mSATA solid state drive maintains strict compliance with JEDEC MO-300A specifications and is entirely suitable for desktop PCs, industrial applications and embedded computing devices.

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16GB to 1TB

M.2 2242/2260/2280 SSD is the next generation form factor (NGFF) storage solution. It provides outstanding performance and proven reliability for industrial operation.

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1GB to 256 GB

Advantech compact flash memory cards are compliant with PCMCIA-ATA standard. Designed to replace traditional rotating disk drives, these industrial CF cards are available in wide temperature for truly rugged environments.

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1GB to 256 GB
Memory Card

CFast cards are the first choice for embedded design and integration for their compact, rugged and stable platform, combined with the speed from its incorporation of Serial ATA technology.

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128GB to 2 TB
Memory & Storage

SQFlash SSD design leverages rigorousline-by-line review processes, the design of SQFlash meets clearly defined security standards aimed at minimizing data leakage risks and protecting user data.

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As technology advances, the demands for greater density and better performance with flash memory increase as well. Each NAND flash type has its own advantages and disadvantages; therefore, engineers often encounter difficulty in selecting the right flash type for their application.  

Function SLC MLC UltraMLC BiCS3 TLC
Bit per cell 1 2 1 3
P/E Cycles 100,000 3,000 30,000 3,000
Read Time 25µ 50µ ~42µ ~75µ
Program Time 200-300µ 600-900µ ~450µ 900-1350µ
Erase Time 1.5-2 ms 3 ms 4.5 ms 4.5 ms



arrow  Intelligent Self-Management Technology (NEW 4/8/2019)  

To reduce the risk of data corruption/loss and ensure data access, SQFlash comes with Utility and WISE-PaaS/DeviceOn platform. This whitepaper provides a detailed description of the intelligent SSD self-management system developed based on Advantech SQFlash.

arrow  SQFlash Data Security Function (NEW 4/8/2019)  

This paper introduces dives into SQFlash security features such as write & protect, Security ID, Flash Vault, Flash lock, and Quick Erase.

arrow   NAND Flash Management Technology for Performance Enhancement (NEW 4/8/2019)  

This paper introduces how Advantech SQFlash develops NAND flash management technologies to enhance storage devices to meet the demands for high capacity, performance, and industrial grade reliability.

arrow  3D NAND Flash with Advanced ECC Technology

To achieve faster performance, ultra-scalability, and better cost efficiency, advanced 3D NAND flash technology was introduced onto the market by flash manufacturers.

arrow  3D NAND and ECC Technology Playbook  

This whitepaper will discuss the 3D NAND flash technology with advanced ECC for Industrial Applications. Learn about 3D NAND flash technology to help build a system of superior performance, ultra-scalability, and cost efficiency.

arrow  Complete Power Failure Protection for SQFlash Explained  

This white paper discusses specific protection functions in SQFlash product lines. Also, we will take a deep dive into the verification of power failure resistance in each of the SQFlash design/development stages at the end of this white paper.

arrow  Flash Type Comparison for SLC/MLC/TLC and Ultra MLC Technology  

Compare the differences between NAND and NOR flash. We provide additional information on NAND flash including SLC, MLC, and Ultra MLC – the mechanism and its advantages. Section 4 and 5 provide performance and endurance information specific to Ultra MLC.

arrow  Industrial Flash Storage Trends in Software and Security  

SQFlash Utility is a flash management software package that contains utilities and APIs to access and configure Advantech SQFlash products. Learn the full capabilities as well as trends in software and security.

arrow  IOPS/Power Failure Protection Benchmarks  

What is IOPS and how can we use it for power Failure protection. Also, learn how IOPS on the SQFlash drive has far more advantages compared to other SSD manufacturers.

arrow  NVMe SSD for Industrial Applications  

What are Native PCIe Interface SSD and the performance benefits for Industrial Applications? New Software capabilities and tools including examples of design examples and comparisons.

arrow  Selecting The Right NAND Flash For Your Applications  

A quick comparison of the benefits and technology between SLC, MLC, TLC and ultra MLC. A guidebook for designers by designers.

arrow  The Pros and Cons of OPAL Compliant Drives  

This whitepaper is a quick overview and explanation of the pros and cons of OPAL compliant drives.

Video Tutorials

Secure Erase

Let’s take a look at how Advantech’s SQFlash SSD utilizes the Secure Erase function to lock down and protect sensitive information.

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Life Prediction

Advantech’s SQFlash SSD can be utilized to see exactly how much data is being written to a drive on daily basis, increase in lifespan.

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Write & Protect

A Tutorial on Advantech’s Write Protect

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Search for certifications to help validate your project. We have ROHS, REACH, FCC, and CE certifications available for download.

Certification Download
RoHS certifications- RoHS
REACH certifications-REACH
Conflict Mineral certifications- Conflict Mineral


Product Series NAND TYPE FCC CE
920 Series U.2 coming soon coming soon
M.2 coming soon coming soon
710 Series M.2 certifications certifications
mPCIe coming soon coming soon
840 Series 2.5" SSD coming soon coming soon
mPCIe coming soon coming soon
830 Series 2.5" SSD certifications certifications
M.2 coming soon coming soon
mSATA coming soon coming soon
640 Series 2.5" SSD certifications certifications
M.2 certifications certifications
mSATA certifications certifications
Cfast coming soon coming soon
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