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Do you like waiting without knowing how long the wait will be? Diners everywhere are rejoicing with real-time “appointment” notifications – and newfound freedom.

UTC-515 with waitlist software

San Francisco, CA

With Waitwhile waitlist at your business, you will have a self check-in hostess that is easy for your customers to sign-in with. Our smart automated app allows the customers to self check-in and receive notification messages informing them of their assigned guest number, parties ahead of them, with approximate wait time, live updates and more. Free up your employees for more important work.

Replace hosts with unmanned waitlist system

Automatic SMS text wait time updates to guests

Advertise special promotions and deals via SMS

Queuing Solution
Pasadena, CA

Easily elimiate line and increase customer satisfaction and grow business across industries.

Maximize productivity of your staff by streamlining and centralizing workflow operations.

Enables two-way communications by text or voice message, allowing you to share updates and receive customer feedback

UTC-515 with QLess software
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