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Sign up today to obtain a Microsoft Customer License Agreement (CLA) and order runtime licenses. The Windows Embedded OS product line offers the time-to-market advantage and provides the latest technologies and resources that can help you integrate and speed up the development of your next-generation devices.

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Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Core (ZH5-00019)
  1. Microsoft Part Number: ZH5-00019
  2. Microsoft Silverlight-based UI development framework enables device manufacturers to differentiate with attractive, intuitive user interfaces
  3. Reduces the time and cost needed to deliver a rich experience with 3D transformation, pixel shader effects, and multi-touch support
  4. End-to-end development portfolio to help you easily configure, build, and ship new devices
  5. Integrated development emulator eliminates the need to use multiple tools from various sources
  6. Several hundred test components ready to use
  7. More source code access to help you debug, test, and make changes to an operating system image


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