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Communication IoT Gateway with WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink, LAN x2, Iso. RS-232/485 x4
  1. Built-in WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink 2000 tags for IoT application
  2. Built-in industrial protocols support more than 200+ types of industrial devices
  3. Reliable Embedded Real-time Linux Kernel
  4. 4 x RS-232/485 isolated serial ports
  5. Supports Modbus, OPC UA, DNP3, ODBC and IEC-60870-104 service
  6. Support sMQTT and direct communication to cloud, e.g. Azure, AWS, WISE-PaaS, T-System
  7. Wide Operation Temperature -40~70°C
  8. Remote update & system monitoring via web browser
  9. Data Logger with 4G SD card


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Equipment Connectivity Data Gateway, UNO-2271G, 1500 tags 32G eMMC, Win10, HMI
  1. Supports various PLC protocol drivers for data conversion
  2. Enabling data visualization for real-time monitoring
  3. Bridges the gap between OT and IT


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FreeScale i.MX 6 Cortex-A9 Industrial IoT Gateway, 8GB storage, Yocto Linux, WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink Runtime 3000 tags
  1. Bridges the gap between OT and IT
  2. Enhances cyber security with embedded security chip
  3. Supports multiple PLC protocol drivers for data conversion


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