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COVID-19 Infection Prevention Solutions

COVID-19 Infection Prevention Solutions

Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 with Advantech’s Video AI Solution

Advantech's Video AI solution is aimed at precise facial recognition and temperature scanning to support disease prevention inspections. Because measuring body temperature manually exposes personnel to potential health risks, Advantech's Video AI solution enables non-contact temperature measurements to drastically reduce cross-contamination and infection. After conducting temperature scanning and identity detection, the system transmits data to a centralized management center to take further preventative steps. Moreover, the solution can be integrated with existing surveillance equipment to ensure easy integration and rapid deployment.

Fever Screen Monitoring System

Live Video with temperature info overlay for each visitor

Instant alerts
when a fever is detected

Visitor snapshot with body temperature info

Logged data of visitors with fever symptom

Sample Environments

Metro Station
Retail Location
Business Offices

Advantech’s Infection Prevention Solution goes beyond thermal checks to offer four areas of audience monitoring and screening.

  • Infection Prevention Solution Overview
  • Occupancy Monitoring
  • Visitor Thermal Screening
  • Social Distance Monitoring

Event Center Management Layer

Advantech’s Infection Prevention Management software layer not only auto enrolls the visitor face with fever symptom for case logging, but includes a Dashboard and Event investigation reports with facial recognition and results.

Occupancy & Social Distance Monitoring

Monitor people's locations in real time to see if pedestrians are getting too close to each other.

Enforce social distancing policies based on width apart.

Exception Events are generated automatically for checking and auditing quickly.

Occupancy & Social Distance Monitoring

Talk to an Advantech representative about your needs for audience screening and monitoring to prevent the spread of infection.

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