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All-in-One Infection Prevention Stations prevent COVID-19 infection spread

Date: 10/2/2020 12:00:00 AM

Advantech’s All-in-One Thermal Self-Check Stations are purpose-built for today’s employee screening applications.  The systems prevent COVID-19 infection spread by leveraging the technology of Intel® Movidius® and Cyberlink® for both facial AI and thermal screening applications.

The system allows the employee to enact a self-check.  It then transmits data to a centralized management center to take further preventative steps and enable automated door access.

Recommended infection prevention process for a Manufacturing or Warehouse facility

Employee Check-In Temperature Scanning & Biometric AI Solutions

  •  Real Time AI Face Recognition 
  •  Case Logging for Data Analysis 
  •  Access Control and Blacklisting 
  • Ideal for Warehouse and Manufacturing Environments

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