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Designed for high performance needs in datacenters, private cloud and storage infrastructures

Optomized thermal design coupled with the latest Intel® Xeon technology, our servers can be purposely built, white-box appliance for your factory integration and testing applications.

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Industrial storage servers and arrays deliver reliable 24/7 operation

High-capacity, high-performance and cost-effective server storages provide fault-tolerance, increased I/O performance via hardware RAID and JBOD solutions for high data availability and storage density.

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Latest switching technologies support features essential to build SDN, enterprise data centers and cloud

High scalable switches designed for 10GB and 40GB SDN and traditional networking virtual environments that requires increased throughput and link utilization needs.

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PCI Express Cards

PCI Express Network Adapters add bandwidth to existing infrastructure

PCI Express Network Adapter/Interface Cards give enterprise and datacenter IT access to the benefits of network offloading, preserving existing server performance. 

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