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PCI-1784U-AE 4-Axis Quadrature Encoder & Counter Card

  1. Four 32-bit up/down counters
  2. Single ended or differential inputs
  3. Pulse/direction and up/down counter
  4. x1, x2, x4 counts for each encoder cycle
  5. Optically isolated up to 2,500 VDC
  6. 4-stage digital filter with selectable sampling rate
  7. On-board 8-bit timer with wide range time-base selector
  8. Multiple interrupt sources for precision application
  9. 4 isolated digital input
  10. 4 isolated digital output
  11. BoardID™ switch
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Machine automation applications typically require high-performance digital input, digital output, and relay output cards for integrating and managing peripheral devices. Advantech provides a whole series of digital I/O cards with a variety of functions to meet all the digital I/O needs of your test and control applications, including automotive design, industrial factory automation, and machine control.

Feature Highlights
Real-time Responsiveness with Multiple Advanced Functions to Overcome Harsh Environments
  • Digital filters eliminate environmental noise, such as chattering from input signals.
  • 2500 VDC isolation voltage protection
  • Provides an interrupt function for a faster and more flexible response
Cost-optimized Solution with High Density I/O

High density design with dedicated 128-ch isolated digital I/O on a single board, helping save space for more efficient installation.

Free DAQ SDK Tool to Shorten Development Times
  • Latest operating system support: Win7, Win10, and Linux
  • Supports multiple programming languages: C/C++, Visual Basic, C#, VB.NET, and LabVIEW
  • Guaranteed reliable execution for multi-thread programming
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Product Specifications
Unit: mm
PCI-1700 Series
PCIE-1700 Series
Inside the Box
DIO Card Series
Programming Language
C#, C++, LabVIEW, VB.Net, BCB, MFC, VB6, Delphi, Java, Matlab, Qt
Counter/Encoder Input
Counter/Encoder Input
Counting Range
Counter/Encoder Input
Counter (up/down, bi-direction, up, A/B Phase)
Digital Input
4 (Isolated)
Digital Input
Isolation Protection
2,500 VDC
Digital Output
4 (Isolated)
Digital Output
Isolation Protection
2,500 VDC
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