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WISE-PaaS/RMM serves as an IoT device management platform that manages connected devices remotely, providing centralized management features, including HW/SW status monitoring, remote control, system backup/recovery, etc. Moreover, it supports server redundancy and hierarchical server management, which increases service reliability and availability. WISE-PaaS/RMM utilizes standard IoT protocol, like MQTT from IBM, to communicate with IPCs, IoT gateways and sensors, provides WISE Agent framework for data acquisition from devices, and offers RESTful API web service, which allows the user to integrate RMM functions with other applications or do further customization.
  • • Device Monitoring
  • • Remote Control
  • • Auto-Notification
WISE-PaaS/Security is a comprehensive and fast deployed security solution for the protection of IoT devices. It is ideal for protecting systems that are fixed function in terms of CPU or memory resources. Its low overhead footprint does not impact system performance, requires very low initial and ongoing operational overhead, and is equally effective either in standalone mode without network access or on Cloud. There are four function modules to satisfy different needs in embedded industry which one is default provided and the other three are selectable by requests.
  • • Application Control
  • • Change Control
  • • Endpoint Security 10

Benefits for IoT

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Accelerated time-to-value

Capitalize on Advantech’s investments in back-end infrastructure and pre-built connections to many popular platforms.

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Cross-platform applicability

Utilize built-in APIs to easily extend IoT Software Services

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Robust development environment

Leverage SUSIAccess’s cross-platform interoperability to integrate with virtually any connectable endpoint.

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Scalable management

Extend built-in management to create compelling business and operational intelligence and management solutions.

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