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In shopping malls, retail centers or public spaces, an interactive wayfinding can help people find the right product or service at your business, quickly & easily.

Facility Management Solutions Visionstate

Interactive Wayfinding & Digital Signage
Milpitas, CA

The Waytouch Premier™ is a tried and tested all-inclusive Award-Winning interactive wayfinding solution.

Unique re-routing, pathway scheduling, and preferred routes allow your displays to navigate meetings, events, and promotions in a live and dynamic way.

Edit turn-by-turn routes on-the-fly and create up-to-date pathway rules

Interactive Directories
Calgary, Canada

Canada's leader in digital interactive informational signage

We provide our clients with full, end-to-end systems integration capabilities, including software programming and customization

Our interactive signage can be found in office buildings, shopping centres, medical facilities, universities, government buildings and other venues

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Facility Management Solutions Visionstate
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