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Manage multiple storefronts with one platform. Utilize collected data to make smart decisions to optimize daily operation strategies and surpass sales quotas


Store Traffic Analytics
Milpitas, CA

Analyze customer shopping habits

Accurately forecast peak seasons for easy inventory management

Derive key decisions from areas of heavy traffic flow

Web-based software so users can edit from any work station.

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Video Analytics
San Francisco, CA

Gorilla Smart Retail's rich analytics tools delivers single and multi-store visual overviews of top performing traffic, people count, gender, and ages

Provides Visualize Shopper Behavior Understand the effectiveness of your store layout, advertising tactics, and employee deployment to further increase efficiency and performance

Includes a metrics dashboard live platform that can be integrated with external databases, e.g. POS, CRM, to generate in-depth comparison analysis insights across different datasets

Gorilla Technology
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