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Quadro Flow Cooling System (QFCS)

Advanced High-efficiency Cooling Solution Releases Extreme Computing Performance

We see your challenges for optimized thermal design

Advantech understands your various challenges while developing high computing performance applications in medical, factory automation, and edge computing. Quadro Flow Colling System (QFCS) is designed for optimized thermal design. It ticks several boxes such as high heat dissipation efficiency, low noise margins, and a compact heatsink.
  • CPU Temperature Overheat

  • PCB Bending & CPU Crash

  • Solution for Space-limited System

  • High Noise Level

  • Complex Assembly Process & Extra Jig Cost

QFCS delivers…

  • 100% Performance without Throttling @ 60°C

  • Silent Operating

    Low Noise Design Reduces User Annoyance

  • Easy Assembly

    Tool-free design to simplify assembly process

  • Thin & Light Cooling Solution

Thermal Technology Innovation

  • A

    Two-phase heat exchange pipe

    Dual copper heat pipes quickly equalize temperature

  • B

    Mixed fin structure

    Stacked & extrusion fins designed to maximize cooling surface and air exchange

  • C

    CPU hard contact

    Copper block dissipates heat quickly by making direct contact with CPU

  • D

    Venting holes

    Vertical airflow for expediting memory heat dissipation

Advantech Offering

Computer on Modules
  • SOM-5897 Series

    SOM-5897 Series

    6th Gen Intel® Xeon® / Core Processors COM Express Basic Module Type 6
    Learn More
  • SOM-5898 Series

    SOM-5898 Series

    7th Gen Intel® Xeon® / Core™ Processors COM Express Basic Module Type 6
    Learn More
  • SOM-5899 Series

    SOM-5899 Series

    9th/8th Gen Intel® Xeon®/ Core Processors COM Express Basic Module Type 6
    Learn More
  • Single Boards Computers


    8th/9th Gen. Intel® Xeon®/ Core Processor with 3.5" SBC w/ MIOe
    Learn More
  • Industrial Motherboards


    AMD V1000/R1000 Processor Mini-ITX with 4 x Display Port
    Learn More
  • EPC-T4000 Series
    EPC-T4000 Series

    EPC-T4000 Series

    8th/9th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors with Compact Design of the Enclosure
    Learn More
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