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Advantech Product Selection Guides

View the guides below to help you determine the Advantech product that's right for you. We've provided these information-packed guides as a response to requests for some online basics to better understand embedded and industrial computing solutions. The aim is to provide a technolgy basis so that you can make informed decisions. Browse through the topics and get started learning the factors that result in the perfect application solution for your project.

This guide will give you the major component considerations involved in selecting your motherboard.
This guide covers the factors involved in selecting the ideal Panel PC product for your solution, with attention to environmental and user concerns.
This guide will give you the product descriptions and major considerations involved in selecting a passive backplane for your chassis.
This guide explains the PC/104 SBC form factor, reasons for its success in embedded computing, and considerations for selecting the PC/104 design that has the functionality and flexibility for your embedded project.
This guide covers the factors involved in determining the ideal Rackmount System for your application, with attention to features such as form factors, performance, I/O, power use and environmental considerations.
This guide will give you a basic overview of the factors involved in an SBC purchase, including descriptions of the SBC form factors, component considerations, enclosures, operating environmnet, and more.
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