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FREE Content Creation and Remote Management Software

All Advantech DS Series digital signage media players ship with FREE* remote management software for content creation, scheduling, security, and remote monitoring. Easily configure multi-display solutions in many configurations: 1x6, 2x3, 3x2, 6x1 for retail, restaurant, hospitality, public space, corporate communications, and other applications.

Content Creation Software

 for signage is a smart and sophisticated software designed for content creation and remote dispatch. Customers can remotely manage multiple signage devices through a single console. WebAccess/IMM comes with all Advantech digital signage players providing customers with application ready solutions.


Web-Based Management

• Support up to 500 clients 
• Remote monitoring & reporting 
• Supports public, private & LAN 

User-Friendly Interface

• Drag and drop operation 
• Multi-display support
• Distinct/clone/extended mode

Supports 30 + Media

• TV/Web/Flash/PPT/Scrolling text
• Video/Audio: MPEG/AVI/WMV and more

Remote Management Software

Digital signage applications across many industries are often deployed in remote locations. How to manage and ensure their reliability is a big challenge. Now, provides a ready-to-use software platform to manage your digital signage in a simple yet powerful way, increasing efficiency and reducing your total cost of ownership.

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System Monitoring

Inspects the condition of embedded devices such as device temperature, Wi-Fi, CPU temperature, fan speed and voltage.

Remote Control

Quick access to remotely locate embedded devices for device diagnostics and repair.


Protects data and devices with a timely backup and recovery application. (Powered by Acronis True Image). White List Protection and push notification.

*FREE basic license digital signage software offer valid with all Advantech DS Series media players. Excludes UBC and UBX media players which have separate signage software offers. Licensed and advanced features available through subscription purchase.

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