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How to Achieve a more Connected And Intelligent Hospital Facility


Location: San Diego, California

Objective: The Navy Medical Center San Diego is a 272-bed multi-specialty hospital complex in Balboa Park with 18 operating rooms, 11 primary care clinics, 10 dental clinics staffed with more than 1,500 doctors and nurses. On average, 45 new patients are admitted every day while Medical Center staff sees to nearly 4,000 outpatient visits, also on a daily basis.

To meet this demand, the Medical Center needed to update their Inpatient Entertainment System in 213 hospital recovery rooms. The goals of the project were to reduce system maintenance cost and provide a simple to use touchscreen panel for patients to access both entertainment and communication.

Solution: HIT-R181, 18.5" healthcare information terminal, was designed to run the Windows 8 operating system. VectorUSA engineers worked with the Navy to create a program to lock down the touchscreen panel PC and provide three entertainment selections including the Internet, Skype, Netflix and access to the Hospital's Interactive Customer Evaluation Survey System.


VectorUSA engineers worked with the Medical Center staff to create a seamless and integrated system that patients could easily use on their own. The touchscreen panel PC’s were installed in each of the hospital rooms – the immediate result was the seamless delivery of entertainment and information to the Medical Center’s patients while reducing TCO expenditures for maintenance. Both the hospital and the software vendor were extremely satisfied with the products and services provided by Advantech, and are currently planning to install additional healthcare infotainment terminals throughout the hospital.



Mobile Computing


Medical Tablet

HIT-R181   Medical Cart  

Telemedicine connects patients to clinicians and makes it possible to deliver care regardless of distance.


Integrated medical carts are designed to optimize and mobilize patient point-of-care and distribution of medication.


The convergence of mobile technology and patient data allows real-time engagement points which can be critical for intensive care patients.

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