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Self-Service Price Check System Enables Real-Time Price Inquiries for Hypermarket Chain

Customer Background

Far Eastern A.mart is a well-known and popular hypermarket chain in Taiwan, and a direct subsidiary of Far Eastern Department Stores Ltd. Currently, A.mart operates 18 stores throughout Taiwan. A.mart is committed to providing high quality service and a wide range of products, including a comprehensive variety of groceries and general merchandise, enabling customers to satisfy all their routine shopping needs in one trip.


Because the hypermarket industry is intensely competitive, satisfying customer demands and increasing brand loyalty are the primary business challenges. To increase customer loyalty, A.mart planned to establish loyalty programs that encourage increased purchasing. A.mart wanted a wall-mountable POS system that could be used to check product prices and customer reward points in real-time to enhance the overall service quality.


After evaluating the requirements specified by A.mart, Advantech provided its E-POS system for use as a wall-mounted price check system. Wall-mounted systems maximize the available inventory storage space. With the inclusion of an embedded laser scanner, A.mart customers can simply scan products to view the price and product details on the E-POS system monitor.

Furthermore, Advantech’s E-POS system features a unique easy HDD removal and replacement design, enabling easy, fast, and convenient HDD upgrades and maintenance. Advantech’s E-POS system system not only ensures convenient and efficient service, but also reduces labor costs and, by facilitating real-time price inquiries, can increase customer purchase intentions.


  • The inclusion of an embedded laser scanner enables real-time price inquires for enhanced service quality

  • Unique easy HDD removal and replacement design for easy and convenient upgrades

  • Powerful computing performance facilitates the provision of excellent customer service

  • Wall-mounted system maximize the available inventory storage space

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