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Advantech Delivers a Customizable and Innovative POS System for Oceania’s Calendar Club Retail Chain

Customer Background

Calendar Club is the largest and most successful seasonal pop-up retailer in Australia and New Zealand. Since the opening of its first store in 1995, Calendar Club has established more than 125 kiosks/pop-up stores located in major shopping centers throughout Australasia. Through strategic joint ventures with companies based in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, Calendar Club now boasts over 1,400 stores worldwide. Calendar Club’s business strategy and ongoing efforts to expand its business are aimed at not only generating greater profit and increasing brand visibility, but also enhancing customers’ brand impression and brand loyalty.


For the retail industry, service experienceand quality are key elements that influence customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Calendar Club required a stable and powerful POS system that facilitated the delivery of high-quality customer service and could be customized with the company logo to enhance their brand visibility. Additionally, our client wanted the ability to provide interactive promotional videos and advertisement displays for customers waiting to be served. Thus, Calendar Club required an interactive and customizable POS system with promotional display capabilities.


After evaluating the requirements specified by Calendar Club, Advantech provided its Chameleon POS system as a solution. Equipped with the latest Intel Core processor forenhanced computing performance, the Chameleon POS system also features an innovative easy-change bezel design that supports logo and color customization. This allowed Calendar Club to emblazon the POS system with their company logo, thereby increasing their brand promotion. Advantech’s Chameleon POS system also supports a secondary display (10.1”/15”), which can be used to provide interactive promotional messages that appeal to customers, reduce their frustration when waiting, and generate potential purchase opportunities.


  • POS system customized with company logo, enhancing customers’ brand impression

  • Powerful computing performance facilitates excellent customer service

  • Secondary display supports the provision of interactive promotional messages that can enhance customers’ purchase motivation

  • Modular peripheral design ensure easy and convenient maintenance

  • Rich I/O interface supports various applications

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