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The Global Hard Drive Shortage and Your Advantech Order

The October Thailand flooding has greatly impacted the hard drive industry world wide. In response, many manufacturers are supplying hard drives through their worldwide distributors, but the supply is unstable, and in some cases the quantity is very limited. Therefore:

If you are ordering a configured system with a hard drive through Advantech, please be aware that the system price may be greatly affected by the price of the hard drive component selected.

If you have a Quote with Advantech that is over several days old, the system price may have changed significantly due to the price of the hard drive component. 

Advantech will always strive to provide the lowest cost at all times. When the shortage is alleviated, we look forward to regular hard drive pricing. If you have questions on how the global hard drive shortage might affect your order, please call Advantech at 1-888-576-9668.

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