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Liberate yourself from vendor lock-in and shorten your SD-WAN deployment cycle with Advantech’s open uCPE white box approach, based on standard Intel processors in feature-flexible appliances, providing the range of bare-metal server platforms you need to transform conventional deployment models in the enterprise WAN.

Discover the benefits of uCPE Platforms based on Intel Architechture

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With Intel QuickAssist Technology

SD-WAN Network Appliance for vE-CPE

White box HW platform for integrating SD-WAN / VNF Integrated Intel® QuickAssist crypto acceleration Intel® Atom™ C2000 processors up to 8-core & DDR3 up to 32GB 7 total RJ45 LAN ports incl. Dual 1GbE RJ45 or SFP WiFi with Validated Software Access Point functionality Worldwide 3G/4G connectivity

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