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WISE-S100-A Intelligent Stack Light Monitoring Sensor

  1. One product for all scenarios
  2. Fits a variety of stack-type light towers
  3. 8 light sensors for fast flexible installation
  4. No need to stop the machinery while deployment
  5. Remote intelligent OEE solution by pairing with WISE-4000 series wireless I/O module
  6. Low power consumption for WISE-4000 LPWAN series
  7. Pairs with WISE-4220-A
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The Intelligent Stack
Light Monitoring Sensor
for OEE Application

WISE-S100 is an easy-to-install intelligent stack light monitoring sensor designed to fit a variety of stack-type light towers. When-WISE-4000 Wireless modular I/O series is paired with a WISE-S100 sensor, it yields a remote intelligent OEE solution that can be integrated without stopping machinery, or worrying about wiring. Wise-S100 enhances productivity and overall equipment effectiveness.

One Solution for Multiple Stack Type Light Tower Appllcations
Stack Light Status Monitoring

WISE-S100 is capable of detecting light statuses—including on/off, and slow/fast blink. This solution has 8x built-in light sensors for quick installation to fulfill most tower light applications.

Plug and Play

Directly position WISE-S100 on the stack-type light tower to quickly get light statuses. Users do not need to stop the machine/equipment to deploy this intelligent OEE solution.

Remote Intelligent OEE Solution — When Paired with the WISE-4000 Wireless I/O Module
Wireless Technologies
  • Supports WiFi to log up to 10,000 samples of data with time stamps via
    WISE-4000 WiFi series
  • Supports LoRaWAN/Proprietary LPWAN and an optional battery
Messaging Protocol

WISE-4000 series supports Modbus, HTTP, RESTful, MQTT messaging protocols, sends data to SCADA, MES systems.

Target Applications

WISE-S100 can be used in discrete manufacturing and continuous flow production for wireless data transmission and remote equipment effectiveness management. Operators can use this data to plan better preventative maintenance.

Discrete Manufacturing
Continuous Flow Production
Product Specifications
Unit: mm

Sensor number and indicators for positioning the light
(8 sensors in total)

Plastic tie placement for mounting WISE-S100 on the light tower
(3pcs plastic tie included in package)

Inside the Box
Recommended Peripherals

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Part No. Description Unit Price Qty
WISE-4220-A WiFi 2.4G Wireless Sensor Module $162.00
Part No. Qty
WiFi 2.4G Wireless Sensor Module
Unit Price: $162.00
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