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ADAM-6156EI-AE 16-Channel Isolated Digital Output EtherNet/IP Module

  1. Equipped specifically for the EtherNet/IP protocol
  2. 16-ch digital output
  3. Normal output current: 0.1 A (per channel)
  4. 2 x RJ-45 LAN (daisy chain)
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    1. ADAM Ethernet I/O in a Nutshell

  • Advantech's Ethernet I/O Modules, ADAM-6000 series, accomplishes this integration easily through the latest internet technology, so that it can remotely monitor the device status more flexibly.

  • Simple and Intuitive Logic Control

    1. Advantech’s ADAM-6000/6200 modules powered by Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Graphic Condition Logic (GCL), can perform as standalone products for measurement, control, and automation.
      Peer-to-Peer(P2P) Connection
      • Easy channel mapping from different I/O modules without extra programming effort or additional controllers.
      • Utilizes Peer-to-Peer modules, just configure settings through ADAM.NET utility.
    2. Graphic Condition Logic (GCL)
      • GCL function is built-in ADAM-6000 and ADAM-6200 modules for users to easily set up logic rules in any application
      • User defined logic rules through graphical configuration environment in ADAM.NET Utility
      • No additional controllers or programming is needed.
  • Communication with IoT Protocols

    1. The ADAM-6000/6200 series supports multiple protocols for IoT applications: MQTT, SNMP, Restful, Modbus, which are very flexible and can be easily integrated with Cloud, Network, and SCADA systems.
      • Actively publish MQTT message with user defined interval
      • Shortens downtime with alarm event notification
      • Privacy assured with the TLS (Transport Layer Security)
      • Simplifies configuration for MQTT using the ADAM.Net Utility
      • Simple way to monitor I/O data on NMS (Network Management System)
      • SNMP trap to notify alarm event
      • Reduces implementation cost with ADAM MIB (Management Information Base) file
  • Communication with IoT Protocols

    1. Flexible Deployment with Daisy Chain Networking and Auto-Bypass Protection

      Daisy chain connectivity offers flexible cabling and space saving capabilities. With Ethernet auto-bypass function supported to prevent accidental power failures if one of the modules unexpectedly shuts down.

  • Industrial Design / Isolation & Wide-Operating Temp.

      • The ADAM-6000/6200 series has a rugged design.
      • Supports isolation protection to avoid system damage from high-energy noise.
      • Supports operating temperatures of between -40 ~70°C and can perform in most harsh environments.
  • Product Specifications

    1. Dimensions
    2. Unit: mm
    1. Mounting
    2. Advantech ADAM series provides various mounting methods to fit the varying needs of different projects in the field.
      • Wall Mount  • DIN-rail Mount  • Piggybacking Mount
    1. Opening the Box
2 x RJ45, 1 x 15-pin plug-in screw terminal, 1 x 5-pin plug-in screw terminal
Isolation Voltage
2,500 VDC
Operating Temperature
-10~70 °C (14~158 °F)
Isolated Digital Output
Isolated Digital Output
Output Type
Isolated Digital Output
Output Voltage
8~35 VDC
Isolated Digital Output
Sink Current
100 mA max./channel
Power Requirements
Input Voltage
10~30 VDC
Recommended Peripherals

Accessory Products

Part No. Description Unit Price Qty
PSD-A40W24 DIN RAIL A/D 100-240V 40W 24V $76.00
PSD-A60W24 DIN RAIL A/D 100-240V 60W 24V $88.00
Part No. Qty
DIN RAIL A/D 100-240V 40W 24V
Unit Price: $76.00
DIN RAIL A/D 100-240V 60W 24V
Unit Price: $88.00
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