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ADAM-5550KW-BE 8-slot PAC with KW

  1. Designed to handle control tasks that usually require a PLC and an Industrial PC
  2. SoftLogic support in Win CE 5.0
  3. Can be operated with or without display/keyboard/mouse
  4. Remote monitoring through Web Server and Email Alarm
  5. Remote maintenance via FTP Server
  6. Supports Modbus/RTU Master and Modbus/TCP (Server/Client) protocol
  7. Supports OPC Server
  8. Supports SQL database
  9. Supports SD storage I/O module
  10. Supports AMONet master module
  11. Supports motion control modules
  12. Deterministic I/O at 1 ms
  13. Remote I/O expansibility
  14. Rich support to ADAM-5000 I/O modules
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