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LGA775 Intel® Core™2 Duo PCI Half-size SBC with GbE/SATA/VGA/DVI and SSD

  • Supports LGA 775 Intel Core 2 Duo FSB 1066 MHz Processor
  • Supports Dual Channel DDR2 667 SDRAM up to 4 GB
  • Supports 6 USB 2.0 ports
  • Supports GbE LANs via PCIe x1 Lanes
  • Supports Up To 6 COM ports via PCA-COM485 module, 2 x RS-485 w/Auto-Flow control
  • PCI-7020F-00A1E


2 years extended warranty
Order Information
Part No. Description Qty
PCI-7020F-00A1E LGA775 Intel® Core™2 Duo PCI Half-size SBC with GbE/SATA/VGA/DVI and SSD
Recommended Industrial Grade Peripherals (Optional – Not Required)
Operating System and Software
Part No. Description Unit Price Qty
Part No. Description Unit Price Qty
96HD1000G-ST-SG7K6 SEAGATE 1T 3.5" SATA 7KRPM 64M(G) $75.00
96HD2000G-ST-SG7K2 SEAGATE 2T 3.5" SATA 7KRPM 64M(G) $115.00
96HD500G-ST-SG7K12 SEAGATE 500G 3.5" SATA 7KRPM 16M(G) $66.00
96ND500G-ST-SG5K2 SEAGATE 500G 2.5" SATA 5KRPM 16MB 7MM(G) $75.00
Part No. Description Unit Price Qty
96MP2DD-18F8-2M7T CORE2 DUO DT 1.8G 800F 2M 775P E4300(G) $123.00
96MP2DD-21FA-2M7T CORE2 DUO DT 2.13G 1KF 2M 775P E6400(G) $182.00
96MP2DD-28FA-3M7T1 CORE2 DUO DT 2.8G 1KF 3M 775P E7400(G) $155.00
96MPC4-2.0F8-5K7T CELERON 2.0G 800F 512K 775P 440(G) $55.00
96MPCL-2.2F8-5K7T CELERON 2.2G 800F 512K 775P E1500(G) $55.00
96MPPD-1.8F8-1M7T PENTIUM 1.8G 800F 1M 775P E2160(G) $88.00
Part No. Description Unit Price Qty
96SD2-1G800NN-TR1 1G SO-DDR2-800 200PIN 128X8 SAM(G) $30.00
96SD2-2G800NN-TR1 2G SO-DDR2-800 200PIN 128X8 SAM(G) $55.00
Compatible Display Kits for the PCI-7020F-00A1E
Size Brightness Touch Screen
Part No. Description Unit Price Qty
Compatible Embedded Boards for the PCI-7020F-00A1E
For more details, see the Industrial Display Kit Selection Guide
Form Factor Processor
Part No. Description Unit Price Qty
Accessory Products
Part No. Description Unit Price Qty
1700000265 CABLE/WIRE, A Cable 2*6P-4.2/2*10P-4.2 10cm $10.00
1701140201 CABLE/WIRE, F Cable IDE#2 14P-2.0/D-SUB 9P(M)*2 20CM $10.00
MBPC-641BP-60E CHASSIS, ShoeBox 4-slot IPC w/o BP with 60W AC, RoHS $160.00
PCA-AUDIO-HDA1E CIRCUIT BOARD, HD Audio-card for ISBF CPU cards, A1 01-2,RoHS $33.00
PCA-COM232-00A1E CIRCUIT BOARD, 4 Ports RS-232 Module for CPU card, A101-1,RoHS $30.00
1700002343 CABLE/WIRE, A Cable 1*3P-2.0/1*3P-2.5 50CM C=W OR $10.00
1700003194 CABLE/WIRE, M Cable SATA 7P(W/LOCK)/SATA 7P 60CM C=R 180/180 $10.00
1700006196 CABLE/WIRE, A Cable 2*6P-4.2/B4P-5.08*2 10CM $10.00
1700008762 CABLE/WIRE, F Cable IDE#2 10P-2.0/D-SUB 9P(M)*2 22.5cm W/BK $10.00
1700014398 CABLE/WIRE, A Cable USB-A(F)*4/2*5P-2.0*2 30.5CM W/BKT $10.00
1700060202 CABLE/WIRE, M Cable M-DIN 6P(M)/M-DIN 6P(F)*2 20CM $10.00
1703150102 CABLE/WIRE, A Cable B4P-5.08/SATA 15P 10cm $10.00
9689000002 MINI JUMPER*10 PCS PACKAGE(BLACK) $10.00
1960035861N000 SHEET METAL, HEAT SINK 79*79*24mm PCI-7020 $35.00
PCA-COM485-00A1E CIRCUIT BOARD, 4 Ports RS-485/422 Module by LPC, A101-1,RoHS $35.00
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