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To enhance retail and hospitality services and satisfy diverse OEM/ODM requirements, Advantech offers a wide range of POS systems aimed at different market segments and application demands. These sleek POS systems enable retail workforce to service their customers more efficiently.


UPOS-510 Series

Compact and Modular POS System

Ideal POS system for limited-space applications.

The slim and borderless POS system offers a maximized viewing area and is IP65-rated for water and dust protection. UPOS-510 can support a 10.1" or 15" secondary display to serve as additional advertising space and customer’s convenience. This system can be integrated with diverse peripherals such as barcode readers and scanners to support a wide range of applications.


UPOS-520 Series

Energy Saving and Rich I/O POS System

Ideal for Quick Market, café, retail stores, and restaurants

The Chameleon model, CM-500 series, delivers rich functionality with integrated MSR reader, fingerprint ID, and IC card reader. The POS terminal can have the enclosure color and logo customizable to match the company brand and design.

Bezel-Free IP65 Fanless Card Reader Multiple OS
  • • Check-In System
  • • Customer Survey
  • • Interactive Concierge
More Applications
  • • POS System
  • • Self-Service Kiosk
  • • Point of Information
Product Highlights
  • • Queue Management
  • • Self-Service Ordering
  • • eMenu System
More Applications
  • • Kitchen Display System
  • • POS System
  • • Customer Survey System
Product Highlights
  • • Self-Checkout Terminal
  • • Customer Loyalty Kiosk
  • • Wayfinding Kiosk
More Applications
  • • POS System
  • • Product Information
  • • Interactive Video Wall
Product Highlights
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