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Industry leading Ethernet and networking accessories.
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iMediaChassis 6, Spare AC Power Supply (125W)
  1. 125 watt, 100/240V AC power supply
  2. for use with iMediaChassis/6-AC
  3. ETHERNET DEVICE, iMediaChassis 6, Spare AC Power Supply (125W)


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iMediaChassis 6, Spare DC Power Supply (125W)
  1. 125 watt, -48 VDC power supply for use with iMedia Chassis/6-DC
  2. Industrial Communication


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USB Power Cable (12" for MiniMC)
  1. 36" USB power cable
  2. for use with MiniMc Series
  3. 12"
  4. ETHERNET DEVICE, USB Power Cable (12" for MiniMC)


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USB Power Cable (double for ALL MiniMc Types]
  1. 36" Double-USB Power Cable for all MiniMC types
  2. Industrial Communication
  3. Ethernet


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IE-Power 5V
  1. Universal AC Input/Full Range
  2. Short circuit/Overload/Over voltage protection
  3. Low no load power consumption <0.75W
  4. Compact, fully isolated enclosure
  5. Includes 12” Barrel-Connector Power Cable
  6. Built-in DIN Rail mount
  7. DC OK active LED signal


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IE-PowerTray/18, Wide Temperature Rackmount
  1. Supports Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet
  2. Supports MiniMc, IE-MiniMc, Giga-MiniMc, IE-Giga-MiniMc and MiniMc-Gigabit media converters
  3. 18-slot chassis
  4. AC power (single)
  5. Modular, hot-swappable
  6. Table-top or rackmountable


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iMediaChassis/1 - 1 slot AC /DC
  1. Rugged enclosures designed for a variety of media and mode conversion modules
  2. Supports a wide range of protocols
  3. Modular design provides future-proof upgrade path
  4. Flexible versions designed for a variety of environments
  5. Ideal for FTTx modules featuring built-in SNMP management
  6. AC Powering


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iE-iMcV 2xLim (100Mbps); 2 RJ45 and 2 SFP
  1. Functions as two independent copper to fiber media converters, doubling port density in the iMediaChassis and MediaChassis product lines Interchangeable SFP modules allow for multiple fiber type conversion options (single-mode, multi-mode, long haul, short haul, etc.)
  2. 100 Mbps SFPs and 2xLIM modules are hot-swappable; no need to power-down chassis when upgrading or troubleshooting
  3. Link Fault Pass-Through (LFPT)
  4. Config Control


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IE-iMcV ModeConverter SFP/SFP
  1. Interchangeable SFP modules allow for multiple fiber mode/type conversion options (single-mode, multi-mode, single-strand, long haul, short haul, etc.)
  2. Extended operating temperatures
  3. DDMI enabled SFPs support SNMP when installed in a compatible managed chassis
  4. Modular, hot-swappable architecture reduces operational costs associated with product installation, upgrades and maintenance
  5. Supports a full range of SFP modules offering various transmission speeds, from 10 Mbps up to 2.4 Gbps (Certified at 1.25 Gbps, 2.4 Gbps is achievable)


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