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Space Exploration Company Uses Advantech Products to Test Their Equipment

Date: 5/14/2017 7:59:34 PM

Market: Space Exploration
Location: Spain


As space exploration continues, the need for more accurate equipment becomes a necessity. This is all the more important for the engine. Being able to precisely control the amount of thrust that comes from the propulsion system when the craft is due to land ensures that it doesn’t damage the expensive and delicate on-board equipment.

System Requirements

An engineering company at the forefront of the propulsion technology and their hybrid system offers a range of features such as: safety, minimum environmental impact (green propellants), lower life cycle costs, responsiveness, competitive performances, increased reliability, soft ignition and shutdown. To monitor the status of these features they needed high performance equipment that could take the signals from the mainboard and send them to the diagnostics equipment.

System Description

To meet these requirements the 16-bit, 8-channel analog input ADAM-4017, a cost-effective solution for industrial measurement and monitoring applications was provided. The ADAM-4017 was provided because it provides many programmable input ranges on all channels which can be used to monitor the signals from all the attached equipment. It is designed to protect equipment from ground loops and power surges by providing opt isolation of A/D input and transformer based isolation up to 3000 VDC. Thereby ensuring that the expensive test equipment is protected.
The ADAM-4017 takes the information from the PCM-3718HO which is a fully multifunctional card with PC/104 interface, 16 analog inputs, one analog output, two 8-bit digital I/O channels, and a free counter function.
ADAM-4017 is the ideal choice for current input in system description; it can increase the additional/extended channels; it has high resolution (16 bit). Such a broad range of functions available in a single PC/104 card is a significant breakthrough, and will be appreciated by embedded systems developers with demanding space requirements. Using the compact PC/104 form factor, the card enables better integration and can be fitted in smaller systems such as embedded industrial PC like UNO-2170 or UNO-2171.

Project Implementation

UNO-2170 Intel Celeron M Automation Computer with 2 x LAN, 4 x COM, PC/104
UNO-2171 Intel® Pentium® M/Celeron® M Automation Computer with 2 x LAN, 4 x COM, PC/104+
ADAM-4017 8-ch Analog Input Module
PCM-3718HO 100 kS/s, 12-bit, 16-ch Multifunction PC/104 Module with Analog Output

System Diagram


The provision of these two pieces ensures that the engineering firm are able to carry out their work quickly and easily thanks to their easy integration and reliability. These modules make a cost-effective solution for industrial measurement and monitoring applications.

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