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Optically Bonded Display Solution for Outdoor Military Remote Control Application

Date: 5/19/2015 1:05:31 AM

Remote controlled devices are deployed predominantly for military applications, but they are also used in a growing number of civil applications as well high-end toys and entertainment.  For this customer, a remote control unit was required for a military application and it needed a small sunlight readable control panel with optically bonded glass for security and readability.


System Requirements
Optical bonding is the use of an optical-grade adhesive to glue a glass sheet on the top surface of a display. The main purpose of optical bonding is to improve the display performance under outdoor environments. Optical bonding enhances readability by providing a rejection rate of under 0.2%, making it perfect for outdoor applications, especially under strong sunlight. Originally, thisEuropean basedcustomer was using key components supplied from Europe and Asia and assembled by a third party, but after their supply chain kept breaking down they were looking for a more reliable product and supplier and came across Advantech through a long-term partner in Norway.

System Description
The application itself is a military remote controlled device and Advantech's IDK-1107W, 7” widescreen LCD panel, goes onto the 7” panel remote control unit with security glass optically bonded onto the panel. At the start of the project there was still left over inventory on key components like the TFT panel and glass so the project started off with two solutions going in parallel. At thefirst stage, Advantech only offered an optical bonding service for the consigned components. At the second stage, Advantech provided a complete "one stop shop" solution. With this, Advantech was able to provide short and long term solutions for the entire project.


Solution Introduction 
With optical bonding adhesive, there is no air gap thus reducing reflections significantly, and improving the readability of the display.

The remote control unit is used outdoors where sunlight can be a factor on the visibility of the information shown on the display. With optical bonding there is no air gap between the panel and the glass layer gives IDK-1107W these benefits:
• Improved readability through lower reflectivity, increasing contrast and brightness
• Avoidance of Newton rings
• Improved mechanical strength
• Improved durability (scratch resistance, vandal proof, resistance to humidity, dust, temperature fluctuations)
• Improved heat dissipation through direct contact
• Improved contrast ratio

Customer Testimonial
"Our long term partnership with Advantech gave us the unique chance to develop this complex design for a demanding customer.  Advantech provided us with a stable supply, longevity and a full warranty program," says Jan Erik Engemoen, Sales & Marketing Manager ACTE Norway.

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