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US Brewery Company Delivers Quality with Sensor Solution

Date: 3/8/2016 5:18:53 PM

Project Scope:
A beer company came into our online chat interested in sensor devices. The company had a dozen factories across the country and they needed to find a more efficient way to monitor each brew tank to provide consistent quality of beer to their customers.

After sending out an evaluation unit, the customer realized that theEKI-1224 switches were the solution they were looking for. The main benefit they found were the dual UP ports for redundancy. They connected theEKI-1224 devices to their sensors that were using infrared to read and monitor the product to ensure the temperature were within parameters. They would then link theEKI-1224 to their backend servers to compute the data to make real-time decisions and analysis.

One of the biggest challenges was the customer’s inexperience with the configuration process and product integration of a legacy device. With the guidance of the sales engineer and multiple conference calls with the product manager, the solution was successfully implemented into the brewery application within 6 months of discussion.

With the partnership with inside sales and product managers, Advantech was able to guide and instruct the customer how to successfully implement the EKI switches into the brewery system. This increased the consistency of the beer as well as production quality by 20%. The beer company adopted this solution into their factory and deployed 400 units across the US. The customer is very happy with the quality of the product and looks forward to doing more business to improve the rest of their factory infrastructure.

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