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Ultra Slim Modular Panel PC for Medical Device

Date: 4/25/2017 10:58:46 PM

Surface area and pore size distribution analyzers offer a complete solution for characterizing the surface of solid materials and utilizing the well-established gas adsorption technique to measure the surface area and porosity of solids. They are widely used in the medical field and provide single and multi-point surface area analysis, and multi-gas and full adsorption capability.
Application Requirement
A surface area and pore size distribution analyzer needs to be a complete solution for reliable long term use. It needs to have a high MTBF and longevity support to ensure a long product life time, and an interactive interface is necessary to provide accurate control and ease of operation. And lastly, an embedded fanless system with an integrated display assembled in a compact chassis is needed for rock-solid installation and space saving.
System Solutions
Advantech provided this customer with an ultra slim modular panel PC solution which included ARK-1122, a slim, and energy-saving embedded fanless system and IDS-3115, a 15” open frame touch monitor powered with an Intel Atom N2600 processor. This combination fulfilled both computing and display needs and allowed the customer to build their system with flexibility in mind. Coming with an integrated kit, tailor-made cables, and VESA mounting bracket, the customer could easily integrate our solution into their application with a highly efficient cabling arrangement. The modular panel PC is 30 mm thinner than the average panel and is therefore highly suitable for installation and space saving. The solution provides low-power consumption, readily extendible features with a rich selection of I/O ports and extension slots for peripheral connections. The 15” XGA modular panel PC features a 5-wire resistive touch screen which enables reliable operation, and assured durability of 10 million touches. Furthermore, with Advantech’s SUSIAccess remote management software built-in, customers can realize real-time remote monitoring and control, and ensure device security from cyber threats and attacks.

Benefits :

  • Off the shelf modularized panel PC solution, for easy and reliable implementation
  • Intel Atom N2600 processor, providing sufficient computing power for data collection/analysis
  • Open frame monitor with 250-nit display to provide good visibility in indoor environments
  • 5-wire resistive touch solution to provide quicker touch response and high durability of 10 million touches.
  • Friendly I/O ports and extension capability for peripherals. 
  • Ready-to-use software platform to remote manage devices in a simple yet powerful way


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