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New Thermal Solution Enhances Performance Under Ruggedized Environment

Date: 7/26/2017 1:42:51 AM


Test equipment requires high reliability and precision, which widely applied in demanding industries such as medical, aerospace or transportation. Usually these delicate systems are designed with high-end processor to trigger the extreme performance and get exact test data. Since it requires high computing ability in ruggedized environment, the thermal solution efficiency is actually an important factor thatleads to extreme performance.

Application Requirements and Challenges

Test equipment can be a simple computer like a tablet or portable device, and either a complicated system built in a bundle of test instruments. It requests a flexible configuration to meet the wide application in testing devices of different industries, to real-time measure the signal and send the data back to system for analysis soon, durable and without any hardware unstable situation to result in incorrect test result. SOM-5894 with i7-4700EQ is a 47W CPU module which provides perfect computing performance; it’s very suitable to this high-end test device.

But in this case, the system space is very limited; it can only transfer the heat through a short heat sink by system air flow. That’s why customer focuses on the heat conduction efficiency that is the crucial factor to lead to high CPU performance. Besides, they also expect to adopt this thermal solution into different system and easily migrate to new generation. Because of this multi-purpose application, there are some challenges that customers suffer from:

1. Require to dissipate heat effectively to bring the best computing performance.

2. Traditional thermal module is simple and stable, but the path of heat conduction in traditional thermal module is too long to resolve heat issue.

3. They require a reliable thermal solution, easy assembly and flexible to different system space, even a portable test device.

Advantech Solution and Benefits

The new thermal module - Dynamic Heat Conduction System (DHCS) is suitable for this high end test equipment, especially to which powered by the high TDP CPU. After applying this new concept, it resolved customer's problem without design change, and do not require extra assembly process. They are benefiting for this new accessory.

1. Lead to high CPU performance: Because we shorten the path of the heat flow, the DHCS can conduct the heat quickly from CPU to heat sink and then to air. Thus, CPU can run in the best status without throttling.

2. No vibration issue to portable device: The DHCS follows the advantage of the traditional thermal module; use the normal screw for assembly to prevent loose issue if the device is moved about in most application scenario.

3. Easy applying: It is compatible to traditional thermal solutions, so customer uses it easily, and doesn’t make extra fixture to attach it into their products. Besides, It is efficient and thin to comply with customer’s chassis, and also suitable to wide dimension of test equipment. Customer can use the DHCS in most of their product in the future.

4. Value-added service: Because they will adopt the same thermal module in common use, it means that there will be different assembly requirement. If they need, we can also provide the COM and thermal module pre-assembly service without design change. It will reduce customer’s working time to apply SOM-5894 and heat spreader into their products.

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