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Advantech’s 10.1” MIT-W101 Industrial Tablet Helps Automate Warehouse Processing

Date: 5/17/2018 6:41:06 AM

Advantech’s 10.1” MIT-W101 Industrial Tablet Helps Automate Warehouse Processing

It’s no news that mobile devices boost the efficiency of the overall warehouse management process, and that the transition to a paperless environment raises warehouse workers’ productivity. And when the MIT-W101, an industrial tablet, was introduced at one of Advantech’s APAC customers it proved no exception—inventory turns increased more than 25% within the first 6 months of implementation.The mostsignificant change came from improved accuracy in the picking process; errors went down by 35%. When an order needs to be picked, the MIT-W101 quickly indicates the specific location of the goods on its 10.1” screen.  A simple barcode scan with the MIT’s built-in scanner avoids troublesome tapping to enter data. Workers also have direct access to WMS in real-time, thanks to MIT-W101’s constant connection via wireless linkage. Workers also benefit from the information display on the big screen, and it is easier to switch between applications and systems. Thus, multiple picks can be completed smoothly on a single tour, which substantially improves worker productivity.With its clean, rugged lines, the MIT-W101 gives users a good first impression. It can withstand a 4-foot drop, or 6-foot with rugged bumpers, and its wide working- temperature capability enable worry-free use even in rough environments. The MIT-W101‘s light 1.1 kg weight makes it friendly for workers to tote throughout the day, and the ergonomic hand and shoulder straps make for easy portability.The APAC customer sees a promising future with its automated distribution centers, and overall sales have grown steadily owing to the take-off of its online business. With the MIT-W101 and other newly introduced digital tools and systems, the customer now can confidently handle more SKUs and fill more orders, while at the same time keeping its customers more satisfied. Learn more about MIT-W101

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