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PoE Enabled Devices for Video Surveillance Systems

Date: 3/29/2016 2:36:28 AM

Intelligent Transportation
Location: USA

Project Introduction:
Video surveillance systems are quickly gaining popularity in transportation applications to ensure the safety of all commuters. However, there are always issues when finding ways to supply power to remotely located devices, and how to keep them operating 24/7 when they are constantly exposed to extreme weather. Recently a customer turned to Advantech for PoE enabled Ethernet switches to overcome these inherent distance, power, and reliability issues.

System Requirements:
There are a few critical issues when constructing remote video surveillance infrastructures. First, the distance between power supply and IP cameras is usually very far, and difficult to setup. Additionally, a wide operating temperature is critical for harsh outdoor applications. Our customer had similar requirements and was seeking PoE switches which included the following:

  • IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet support
  • Industrial-grade operating temperature (-40~75° C)
  • IP30 mechanical resistance
  • Flexible DIN-rail and wall mount support

Project Implementation:

EKI-2526PI 6-port Industrial PoE Switch with 48 VDC Power Input with Wide Temperature
EKI-7659C 8+2G Combo Port Gigabit Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch

System Diagram:

System Description:
The EKI-7659C is connected to the control center to establish a network backbone, allowing connectivity to the PoE enabled EKI-2526PI, which in turn is providing the power and data to a series of remotely located IP cameras, the farthest of which is almost 100 meters away. This allows the administrator in the control center to directly manage all of the IP cameras in the field.

PoE enabled devices can easily help solves the distance, power and reliability issues that plague many industrial applications, especially when connecting to a variety of remotely located devices. In this application the customer was able to avoid power wiring installation for the IP cameras and ensure reliable operation of the entire system.

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