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Outdoor Bicycle-sharing Systems

Date: 7/18/2017 11:24:01 PM

In order to push energy efficiency and carbon reduction, more and more governments in different countries have built automatic bicycle rental systems and been encouraging its citizens to use non-polluting bicycles for short journeys. The bicycle-sharing systems provide convenient mobility, healthy exercise, and a reduction in pollution emissions. Bicycle-sharing systems have been implemented by many cities and have rapidly gained popularity. As the bicycle-sharing systems are operated in outdoor environment and 24/7 non-stop, the system would have to be rugged, reliable, accurate and enduring. Advantech IDS-3110 open frame monitor with brightness enhancement solution and MIO-2263 ultra-compact robust single board computer are chosen as part of the solution.

Application Requirements

Self-service bicycle rental stations needed to be installed in busy outdoor locations which would be exposed directly to sunlight. Therefore, clear visibility under strong sunlight was an essential priority. The stations also had to be able to resist fluctuating temperatures, sometimes extreme, with performance and stability unaffected.


To solve sunlight readability issues, Advantech selected the IDS-3110, a 10.4" 800 x 600 open frame monitor with high brightness enhancement able to withstand outdoor environmental conditions. Its slim open frame bezel architecture enables flexible and customized face plates for easy-engineering and easy integration into the kiosk enclosure. Most important of all, Advantech designed advanced LED backlight and boosted the brightness from original 400 cd/m2 to 1200 cd/m2, making it appear bright and readable in direct sunlight. The IDS-3110's wide temperature operation of -20° C ~ 60° C made the device ideal for any outdoor location. Besides, Advantech also sealed a customized edge-to-edge projected capacitive touch screen by optical bounding on IDS-3110. Even though it operates in harsh outdoor environments for long periods, the content of the panel still can be seen clearly. IDS-3110 is equipped with VGA and DVI interface and perfectly connected to  Advantech's wide temperature single board computer MIO-2263, providing a highly integrated display solution, and a foundation for efficient development.


  • Wide temperature support: -20° C to 60° C
  • 1200 nits ultra-high brightness enhancement for sunlight readability
  • Sealed edge-to-edge projected capacitive touch screens on panels by optical bonding
  • Protection from moisture, dust and also enhance the transparency
  • Integrated solution with MIO-2263 for a highly integrated display solution
  • Longevity and 2-year standard warranty support

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